Meet Honour.

Meet Honour.

A couple years ago, a very excited 7 year-old girl brought home a flyer from school. It was the fall of 2015, the flyer was for the Tracy Wrestling Club that was starting up and would be practicing at her K-12 school. She instantly knew she wanted to give wrestling a try so she told her parents all about it. Her parents were enthusiastic and supportive as they had been looking for an individual sport for her to join. Soon after, she was on the wrestling mat. She was with like minded kids, most of which were boys, learning basic take-downs and escapes.

Now 10-years-old and standing 5′-3″, Honour has been wrestling in both Folkstyle and Freestyle competition for the past two years; with the exception of a mid-season knuckle break that put her out of commission mid-season last year.

After receiving a clean bill of health, Honour returned to the mat full force this year. Despite a couple discouraging matches against some really tough opponents, Honour remained focused and determined to excel.

Her determination to do her best earned Honour a Second Place finish at the Tri-Valley Elite “Snake Pit” Wrestling tournament this past Sunday in Livermore, California. This was Honour’s first time taking a silver medal. She worked extremely hard to win her first three matches by pinning her opponents and only lost her final match during the fourth round of her bracket.

After her silver place finish, Honour told her mom, “Mom, I’m not even tired! I feel great!” Not surprising given the effort Honour puts in at practice. 

Congratulations Honour on your first second place finish!

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  1. Amazing!!!

  2. Great job, Honour! The girl with the best hugs is also a beast on the mat! Proud of you!!!!

  3. You Go Girl !! It was a great day ! 💗

  4. Great job Honour

  5. Great to see all the hard work pay off! Congratulations Honour!

  6. Awesome job! That determination and spirit will take you far!! Keep it up!! 😊💪

  7. Wow! Honour is an Amazon warrior. So great to see this amazingly talented young lady doso well. Go Honour, we believe in your inner determination and skill. Awesome meet!

  8. Honour, I’m so proud of how strong you are and how hard you worked in this match. You continue to impress❤️❤️❤️

  9. Great job!!! You go girl!!!

  10. Congrats!

  11. I loved reading about your hard work Honour!! Never give up, keep working & practicing, and you will achieve your goals!!!

  12. Congratulations!

  13. TWC is amazing. When I was young my father loved wresting and we had the team workout at my dads place. Great athletes and coaches. So glad TWC is open for kids to get involved.

  14. Congratulations Honour!

  15. Congratulations! Looking forward to many more pins and medals this season.

  16. Great job! Keep up all the hard work!

  17. Way to go Honour! What a great story.

  18. Awesome Story!!

  19. Honour….loved your story…..Congratulations to you and Tracy Wrestling Club!

  20. good job!!

  21. Awesome job!!!

  22. You Go GIRL! 🙂 Perfect Honour to represent TWC!

  23. Congratulations Honour!! You are amazing! Keep up the hard work. I’m proud of you and the rest of The Tracy Wrestling Club. 💜

  24. So fun watching you this weekend!!! Love the Hard work!

  25. Thank you for this! We are so proud of all of her hard work this year and how far this team has come! 🤼‍♀️

  26. Awesome job! How exciting!

  27. Loved your story Honour! Great heart and determination—-Congratulations!

  28. Good job Honour !

  29. That’s awesome!!! Great job!

  30. Way to go Honour!! All your hard work paid off!!

  31. So proud of you Honour! You are so strong inside and out!❤️

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